Hire Purchase

Own your asset while spreading the cost.

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Finance Lease

Enjoy the benefits of ownership without potential downsides.

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Operating Lease

Reduce your asset risk and lower your monthly payments.

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At Lombard, we know that in today's competitive marketplace, you need finance solutions that drive down your vehicle costs.

You've come to the right place. We have extensive experience in financing all types of coaches and buses, including light and midi, single-decker, double-decker and hybrid.

Lombard helps bus and coach operators by:

  • Providing a choice of finance – whatever the size and nature of your operations, we can provide asset finance to match
  • Offering you flexible choices – with a range of different financial options, choose whether you wish to own your vehicle or not
  • Matching your cash flow – we can tailor your repayments to fit the cash flow peaks and troughs in the bus and coach sector
  • Giving you the benefit of our expertise – call on our knowledge of your sector and turn it to your competitive advantage
  • Working in partnership with you – we'll work with you at every step, making sure you always benefit from the right solutions

As asset finance experts, Lombard will provide your bus and coach business with flexible vehicle financing options that improve your cash flow and remove costs from your balance sheet.

Who do we support?

  • Family-owned operators
  • Small and medium enterprise operators running 10 to 30 buses, including small courtesy buses, school buses and local passenger transport
  • Local authority operators running city transport fleets
  • Large corporate operators running hundreds of vehicles
  • National coach operators

Security may be required and product fees may apply.