In business, it's always good to be in control.

Contract Purchase from Lombard puts you in charge, giving you the choice of keeping an asset or returning it when the agreement ends, subject to a fee. Our Contract Purchase solutions also fix your monthly payments and come with flexible terms.

Contract Purchase will help you by:

  • Fixing your monthly payments – knowing your costs in advance helps you budget.
  • Giving you flexible terms – you can choose from various agreement terms and mileages.
  • Providing maintenance and added-value options – we can include additional services for certain assets, so you don't have to worry about maintenance costs.
  • Offering you a guaranteed resale value – we will give you a fixed asset resale value when the agreement ends.
  • Reducing your tax payments – you can reclaim VAT on the cost of your asset. Speak to your accountant for further details or visit the HMRC website.
  • Giving you full ownership – the asset is yours once you've made all payments.

If you want to own an asset – and avoid the risk of depreciating values – Contract Purchase from Lombard could be perfect for you. The solution's guaranteed resale value helps improve your cash flow while making the asset more affordable and cost-effective.

Security may be required and product fees may apply.

Assets you can finance with contract purchase

Security may be required and product fees may apply.