Finance Lease from Lombard brings you all the benefits of owning the vehicle but helps you avoid the usual downsides.

You pay for the car or van with spread fixed rentals. Then, at the agreement's end, Lombard sells the vehicle and pays you a major share of the proceeds.

Finance Lease will help you by:

  • Reducing your upfront costs - for a small outlay, the vehicle is available straightaway.
  • Giving you flexible repayments - we can tailor your rental payments to match your cash flow, helping you budget more easily.
  • Reducing your tax payments - you pay VAT on the rental payments, not the purchase price. You can also normally offset your payments against your taxable profit. For further information speak to your Lombard account manager or visit the HMRC website.

Finance Lease is a type of commercial finance solution that enables you to benefit from an asset for a tailored monthly payment. When the agreement ends, we'll sell the asset and give you a proportion of the proceeds. As Lombard owns the asset, we claim the available capital allowances. This helps make your monthly payments more affordable.

Security may be required and product fees may apply.

Assets you can fund with finance lease

Security may be required and product fees may apply.