Aviation Buyer's Guide

Our comprehensive guide to buying an aircraft

How it works

Before you buy


1. Decide your needs and budget – by exploring our aircraft and helicopter purchase options.

2. Calculate the full costs – remember to include all additional expenses such as maintenance, insurance, fuel, hangar fees and running costs.

3. Get in touch – once you’re ready to proceed, talk to us about the types of finance available.

4. Receive a quote – provide us with details of the aircraft and we'll give you an indicative quote for financing it.

5. Negotiate strongly – we could establish a line of credit and send you a letter of offer for signature, proving that you're serious buyer and increasing your negotiating power.

6. Choose your aircraft – and make an offer.

7. Arrange a survey – if you're buying second-hand, contact an accredited surveyor and get a full survey of your chosen aircraft.


Making your purchase


1. Provide the paperwork – a copy of your invoice or purchase agreement confirming the sale supported by a copy of any survey you’ve commissioned.

2. Await our checks – while we contact the seller for paperwork, the invoice and proof of VAT registration.

3. Sign the documents – we will issue our mortgage documents for you to sign once you’ve been approved for finance.

4. Provide certification – we'll ask you to send us copies of required aircraft certificates.

5. Complete the formalities – once we’ve received the paperwork showing confirmed insurance, we'll lodge our interest and conduct a search with the relevant aviation authority.

6. Authorise the payment – we’ll ask for your authority before releasing the funds to the appropriate third party.

Get in touch

We can discuss finance solutions and answer any questions you might have.