Large Commercial Vehicles

Fund HGV's, trucks, trailers, buses with an Operating Lease

Why use Lombard as your Operating Lease rental provider?

Experience in the sector – With extensive knowledge of Operating Lease agreements, our team is ready to help your venture.

Flexible lease term arrangements – With our support, we will make sure your Operating Lease payments  fit the cash flow and needs of your business.

Lower monthly repayments – With the residual value of the asset set at the start of lease, you will usually end up with lower monthly rates compared to other financing solutions.

Two end of term arrangements – At the end of your Operating Lease commitment, return the asset for resale or lease it again.

Large vehicle Operating Lease with Lombard

Lombard’s Operating Lease offers a solution to acquiring large commercial vehicles with less responsibility and risk for the lessee. As the residual value of the vehicle is set from the start of your agreement, you will usually end up with lower monthly payments in comparison to other solutions. This is because the vehicle will not be rented for its full economic life-cycle, meaning pricing is done according to its anticipated value – the value at the end of the lease and the costs of disposal.

Is a large vehicle Operating Lease right for my business?

Whilst similar to a Finance Lease agreement, an Operating Lease differs in the aspect of where liability for the asset lays. In a Finance Lease, the lessee is responsible for the large commercial vehicles, whereas in an Operating Lease agreement Lombard takes the responsibility and risks as the lessor. Our Operating Lease solution could be used for HGVs over 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight, buses and trailers.

The Lombard Operating Lease is an option for businesses. From small, family owned companies right up to nation-wide infrastructure firms, we are here to support you and provide you with assistance on asset financing.

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