Machinery Residual Value Lease

Lease machinery and avoid market value depreciation

What we offer as your machinery Residual Value Lease provider

  • Experience in the sector – With extensive knowledge of Residual Value Lease agreements, our team is ready to help you with financing machinery.

  • Flexible lease term arrangements – The Residual Value Lease payments for your machinery will be tailored to the unique needs and cash flow of your business.

  • Lower monthly repayments – As you are not paying for the full life cycle of the machinery, your lease payments will be lower than other types of finance.

  • Two end of term arrangements – At the end of your Residual Value Lease commitment, return the asset for resale or rehire.

Lombard's machinery Residual Value Lease

If you require new heavy machinery, but do not want the risks associated with ownership of assets, Lombard’s Residual Value Lease is a option. We provide the machinery and act as owners, freeing you from risks like depreciating market values or the inconvenience of disposal. The value of the assets is fixed from the start, reducing your repayments and costing you less than conventional leasing, as the equipment is not hired for its entire life cycle.

During the lease period, you are expected to maintain and insure the asset to make sure it meets the expected condition upon return. At the end of the lease, you can choose to either return the asset to us for sale or re-hire the asset for a reduced price.

Is a machine Residual Value Lease right for my business?

No matter if you are an aspiring furniture maker and require a woodworking machinery lease, or you need a brick making machine for your masonry company, our Residual Value Lease is a financing solution for a manufacturing business that requires heavy equipment to make profit.

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