Technology Finance

Inject capital into your business with Intellectual Property Funding (IPF)

Why use Lombard as your IPF provider?

  • Expertise – our specialists will make sure the role of your software intellectual property (IP) in your business is fully understood to tailor your IP’s collateral value.
  • Strong relationship – the Relationship Manager assigned to your case will meet with you to discuss your requirements or help you whenever you have questions.
  • Stay in control – you retain the rights to commercial use and ongoing development of your IP.
  • Accelerate growth – Intellectual Property Funding could help your business growth plans by injecting funds back in.

Financing your IP with Lombard

Our IPF asset finance solution is an easy way of unlocking funds for technology businesses, without sacrificing control over your intellectual property.

When you apply for IPF with Lombard, our specialists work with you to calculate the collateral value of your IP by reviewing cash flows, third-party contracts, development costs and future plans. We then license the use of your software back to you for an agreed term, usually ranging from three to five years.

When your agreed term is finishing, we can sell the IP back to you or a third party, or negotiate revaluing the IP to re-finance.

To find out more about IPF and how it compares to other types of asset finance, visit the Intellectual Property Funding page.

Is IPF the right solution for my business?

No matter what industry your business operates in, you could benefit from Intellectual Property Funding for your IP. This is true as long as your intellectual property assets are owned by you, clearly identifiable and business critical. If you need to inject capital into your business and have a unique software, IPF could be a great way to do so without sacrificing control over your product.

Get in touch

To discuss Intellectual Property Funding in more detail you can contact one of our specialists who will be able to give you expert advice depending on your individual needs and will aim to tailor a funding plan to your business requirements.