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Contract Hire for business vans

Why choose Lombard Contract Hire when financing a business van?

  • Flexibility – You could set the  term and annual mileage  to suit your needs and amendments and extension are usually possible.
  • Manage maintenance – By adding maintenance  into your agreement, you can spread the costs of servicing and repairs.
  • Avoid Depreciation – As you don’t own the  vehicles, you will not be affected by market values depreciating.
  • Less admin – We source and supply your van and you return it at the end. We can add things like signwriting and racking if you choose too.
  • Helps cash flow – No upfront charges and fixed monthly rentals could help your business’ cash flow.
  • Upgrades – Choose new vans for your business every three or four years to maximise reliability and stay up to date with low emissions requirements.
  • Lower costs – We purchase some vans with larger discounts than normal and you could benefit from lower costs when you select one of these special offer vehicles


What is van Contract Hire?

Van Contract Hire is a flexible solution that could help you even out your business costs and minimise the financial risks associated with vehicle ownership. Costs of maintenance, unforeseen repairs and even the van’s market value depreciation can affect the cash flow within your business. By choosing Lombard when thinking of Contract Hire and leasing , you could also benefit from our large scale purchasing of vehicles which could lower the costs of your business vans.

To find out more about Contract Hire as a type of asset finance and other related services we provide, visit the Contract Hire page.


Business Contract Hire requirements

We offer Contract Hire to micro businesses and sole traders, as well as larger-scale companies. If you are VAT registered and plan on using the vehicles entirely for business, you are able to claim back 100% of VAT however if the vehicles are used for a mix of business and pleasure, the amount of VAT claimable decreases to 50%.

Tax reliefs referred to are those applying under current legislation which may change. The availability and value of any tax reliefs will depend on your individual circumstances’

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