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Airport business gets a company car system overhaul


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About Manchester Airport Group

Following the acquisition of London Stansted in 2013, the Manchester Airports Group became the largest UK-owned airport operator. It now serves around 46 million passengers through London Stansted, Bournemouth, East Midlands and Manchester airports.


What did they want to achieve?

The Group's company car policy was no longer meeting their needs and required a complete overhaul. Company employees were unsure of their car options and so were increasingly opting for a cash alternative, which was creating unnecessary admin. The management team were also unable to access clear and useful data on whole life costs for their fleet – or assess the impact of staff choosing cash.


How we helped

We helped the business assess the real costs of their fleet, before completely redesigning their company car policy. The revised policy was clearer, fairer and based on whole life cost. This meant that as well as including the contract hire costs, other costs such as insurance, depreciation, VAT and tax were also taken into account.


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"One of the key benefits of understanding total cost of ownership is that is gives drivers more flexibility.

"The team at Lombard Vehicle Solutions has been instrumental in reshaping our car policy, reducing our CO2 emissions and improving choice for our employees."


Vikki Gledhill
Reward Partner, MAG

How Manchester Airport Group benefits

Choosing to lease new cars using contract hire meant that the company could easily finance expansion and development, with no disruption to their day-to-day cash flow.

Reduced admin

A sole supplier relationship has reduced MAG's admin, ensuring a cohesive service and ongoing support.

Informed decisions

Managers' decisions and drivers' choices are more informed now the differences between company car options and the cash alternative is clear.

Value for money

Revealing the real whole life costs has ensured policy fairness and value for money for both the Group and its employees. 

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