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We offer a range of different ways to buy, update and maintain your business' technology equipment – without interrupting your cash flow.

Talk to our technology finance experts to find out which approach would work best for you.

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Improving your performance

Whether you have a handful of laptops or a large inventory of systems, our leasing solutions could help enhance your business's environmental performance.

Save energy and costs

Asset finance is a cost-effective way of bringing more efficient technology into your business.

Update your technology

Acquire newer technologies and introduce best practices to your organisation.

Reduce environmental impact

Recover valuable raw materials and dispose of waste in compliance with UK regulations.

Keeping your business energy efficient

According to a 2010 study, keeping PCs for more than three years is a false economy. After researching 109 IT organisations in the UK, US and Germany, services firm Wipro found that:

  • The optimal PC and laptop refresh rate is three years.
  • A four-year-old computer costs on average 59% more to maintain than a one-year-old computer.
  • Patches and application updates were more likely to fail in older PCs.
  • Virus removal costs for a five-year-old PC was twice that of a year old computer.
  • The average payback from moving to a three-year refresh cycle comes within 14 months for laptops and 19 months for desktop PCs.
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