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Professional tax and liabilities

Helping professional services firms deal with the financial demands of their industry

Security may be required and product fees may apply. 

Why choose Lombard finance?

Asset finance could help lessen the burden of professional indemnity insurance and partners' tax payments. 


We've helped many major firms secure asset finance so we could help you. 

Help with cash flow

Managing liability payments through asset finance may help preserve your day-to-day cash flow. 


You may be able to finance other company assets through us - from company cars to new laptops. 

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Professional indemnity can be a huge expense for profesional services companies. Securing asset finance could help you manage your payments without disrupting cash flow. 

Features of our professional indemnity finance: 

  • Your choice of insurer
  • Direct payments to the insurer if required
  • Spread the payments over 12 months or pay the premium in full and negotiate a discount
  • Choose fixed or variable interest rates
  • Straightforward documentation
  • A standalone facility that's not subject to covenants
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We may be able to provide finance for partners' tax to new and existing Lombard customers. Your partnership or LLPs must have minimum of four equity partners or members. Finance is subject to a minimum advance of £70,000. 

  • Professional practitioners’ loans are offered via the firm, not the individual partner. Additional security may not be required
  • You can spread the cost of a bi-annual expense over a maximum term of six months
  • Finance can't be used to pay corporation tax
  • Seasonal funding requirement – two tranches drawn down in January and July
  • Provide a schedule of the individual's personal liability and we'll pay HMRC directly
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