Invoice management

Keep up with supplier payments using invoice management

What is invoice management?

Invoice management is the process by which businesses track invoices received and pay suppliers accordingly. Free yourself from the stress and cost of managing multi-asset supplier payments on large technology payments with our invoice management facility. We finance hardware and software that could bring your technology costs – including equipment and training – under one finance agreement.

Save time

Cut the time you spend on admin so you can concentrate on business.

Simplify admin

Combine all your costs under one agreement to reduce administration

Reduce costs

A simpler finance agreement with invoices managed centrally by LTS.

Why invest in invoice management software?

At Lombard, we can be flexible to meet your individual business needs. We offer finance packages for hardware and software solutions that could simplify your invoice management processes and save you time.

If you would like to maintain oversight of your current processes then we can provide expert consultation to finance the right technological solution. Alternatively, if you’re looking to outsource your invoice management entirely, we can manage invoices on your behalf, enabling you to focus on other areas.

Get in touch

We can discuss invoice management finance solutions and answer any questions you might have.


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