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Agreement FAQs | Lombard Agreement FAQs

Answering commonly asked questions about your asset finance agreement

About your agreement

I have a question about my finance agreement. Who should I talk to?

For general queries about existing agreements, call our customer services team. Select option 1 then option 4. 

How long will my agreement last for?

Details of the length of your agreement will be in the agreement documentation that accompanied your welcome guide.

Will I receive a copy of my finance agreement?

Yes, you'll receive it by post or email. If it hasn't arrived within 10 days of finalising the agreement, get in touch with our customer services team.

What happens if I lose my finance agreement or need another copy?

We can send additional copies, but this could require a fee to cover postage and administration. To request more copies, call our customer services team and select option 1 then option 4.

How do I get a settlement figure on my finance agreement?

Speak to our customer services team. Select option 1 then option 1 again. 

Can I restructure my finance agreement once it’s started?

It may be possible to restructure your agreement. Please call our customer services team and select option 1 followed by option 4.

What happens when I reach the end of my primary period in a lease agreement?

You may be able to continue leasing the goods for a secondary annual rental. Or you could act as our agent and sell the asset (conditions apply). We'll send you a letter with more details nearer the time.

What are my cancellation or withdrawal rights?

You may have a short period of time to cancel or withdraw from the agreement. This will depend on whether your agreement is regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (CCA).


Please check the terms and conditions under the "Your Rights" section of your agreement. It'll tell you how to cancel your agreement should you be entitled to.

Can someone else speak to Lombard about my finance agreement on my behalf?

Your finance agreement is confidential. However, if you provide us with written consent we can discuss it with your nominated person. 

Will my agreement change if I make a lump sum payment?

Yes. Your agreement will be amended and rescheduled through the reschedule team. You'll receive a partial early repayment letter (PER) or letter of variation (LOV) plus updated documents.


If you want to make a lump sum payment please call our customer services team.

Are there any fees to pay at the end of my agreement?

If you have a hire purchase or lease purchase agreement you’ll pay a standard option to purchase fee. This transfers legal ownership from Lombard to you. It will be taken as part of your final monthly payment. You and your Relationship Manager will agree the amount in advance. 

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