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Asset finance | Lombard

Benefits of asset finance

Minimises ownership risk

We take the risk on how much value remains in your asset at the end of the contract

Delivers funds efficiently

We turn around credit applications promptly, reflecting security in the assets and high value where asset purchase is urgent

Defined rental terms cut wasted spending

If you’ll only use an asset for part of its life, rentals will reflect that, pay for it only for the time you have it

Opens up additional credit lines

Asset finance compliments the cash resources you already have, as well as other bank credit lines like overdraft and loans

Releases tied-up cash

Sale and leaseback frees up the value within the asset

Asset finance | Lombard

Why choose Lombard?


Freedom of choice across reputable dealers, manufacturers and models


Finding the best funding solution; if it's the one offered by your dealer, we'll tell you

Trusted partner

Acting as a trusted partner, answering your questions and focusing on your best interests


Processing arrangements swiftly, without compromising your decision-making process


Delivering a dependable service to all customers, irrespective of funding scope or scale

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