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Add your signposting title here… What is asset finance?

Businesses can use asset finance to get the equipment they need to grow. Pay a regular amount to use the asset over an agreed period, avoiding the full cost of buying outright. We offer both hire purchase and lease finance.


Asset finance could make it easier to raise funds for additional finance needs, in contrast to traditional loans. Take into account your overall borrowing needs when considering finance options.


Fund a wide range of assets, from business vehicles to technology, manufacturing and construction equipment.

Asset finance | Lombard Benefits of Lombard asset finance

Fast decision

As little as 24 hours for transactions up to £150,000

Personalised solution

 We tailor quotes to your requirements, giving you a personalised price

Cash release

Free up cash reserves to fund growth elsewhere in your business

Specialised knowledge

Benefit from an expert focused on the needs of your industry

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How BV Dairy benefited from our funding:


"Lombard are fantastically responsive and supportive of our plans. And it’s great to know that they – and the finance – are there when we need them.”


Vaughan Heard, Financial Director, BV Dairy



Asset finance | Lombard Your asset finance options

Hire Purchase 

Weigh up the benefits


· Find a vehicle at your preferred dealer

· Separate finance from vehicle selection to easily compare deals

· A finance rate personalised to you

· Keep your vehicle at the end

· Tailor monthly payments with an optional larger final  payment


Things to consider


· You'll own the vehicle

· You’ll need to find your own vehicle

· You’ll need to sell or part exchange the vehicle at the end if you don’t want to keep it


Get a Hire purchase quote

Contract hire

Weigh up the benefits


· Choose your vehicle from our large range

· Benefit from our purchasing discounts

· Choose from a range of special offers

· Hand the vehicle back at the end

· Services like maintenance are available


Things to consider


· You’ll have to return the vehicle, or arrange an extension

· You’ll need to select a vehicle provided by us

· You’ll need to agree your mileage but it can be changed. Excess mileage fees may apply

More information on Contract hire

Finance lease

Weigh up the benefits


· Rent, rather than buy the asset to free up cash

· Equal payments over an agreed term

· We recover the cost of purchase from you over the term plus any interest charged


Things to consider


· You won't own the asset

· The rentals can be offset against your profits at your discretion (except for when the structure of the lease is long funding & it is subject to provisions of HMRC Statement of Practice 3/91). We will still retain the right to any capital allowances

More information on Finance lease

Operating lease

Weigh up the benefits


· Effective for high-value, specialised equipment, or assets you need to support a specific contract

· You can base rentals on the value of the asset over the period you require it

· You can link rentals directly to the revenue your asset generates


Things to consider


· Unlike a finance lease, rentals won’t recover the full cost of the asset

· The lease will sit on balance as a right of use asset in most cases but not all – please speak with your accountancy advisors for more information.

More information on Operating lease


Car and van finance options


Get on the road to success with vehicle finance from Lombard

More about car and van finance


Different assets we finance


Discover more assets we finance at Lombard

More about the assets we finance


Do you have finance with us already?


We could finance further assets and refinance your existing deal

More about additional finance
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Add your signposting title here… Asset Finance across sectors and business sizes

We have over 250 relationship managers on hand up and down the UK. They’re experts in their field, successfully blending local expertise with core financial knowledge. They work across a wide-range of industries:


• Manufacturing

• Technology

• Green Energy

• Commercial vehicles

• Agriculture

• Aviation

• Marine



Asset finance | Lombard Frequently asked questions

Why not just use cash?

If your business has the money available, then it could be worth considering this option. Your business will own the asset outright and you will also be able to claim the capital allowances. But paying cash upfront could exhaust working capital better invested elsewhere.

How quickly can I get  finance agreed?

Smaller transactions (under £150,000) can be decided in just 24 hours. Formalities needed to confirm the deal can require a short extension period after the initial decision is reached. This applies to negotiations conducted in person, online or by phone. The majority of asset traders will be used to this process and the necessary information needed.

What is a balloon payment?

This is a final lump sum payment, often reflecting the estimated value of the asset at the end of the agreement. By opting for such a payment, monthly instalments can be reduced, but you’ll pay more interest overall, as the capital sum isn’t reducing at the rate it would be if repayments were geared to cover the amount in full.


When does a Balloon Payment need to be repaid?


A balloon payment is due at the end of your agreement and must be paid in full.  You must ensure that you have sufficient funds available at the end of your agreement to settle your agreement in full.


Can I refinance a Balloon Payment?


We may be able to refinance your final payment, please contact us at that time and we will be able to discuss this with you.


What is asset finance suitable for?

Asset finance is not industry-specific; it can be utilised by any sector, for any form of equipment, ranging from a value of a few thousand to several million pounds – it all depends on the needs of our business.

Does my business need a profitable trading history to qualify?


Yes. We look at your credit history and growth prospects to check your ability to make repayments. We'll inform our decision based on this information.



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