Our asset finance options

We have a range of specialist asset finance solutions to help fund and manage your assets. 

Compare our asset finance solutions

Hire Purchase

Straightforward finance with the option to own the asset

Structure payments to fit with your cash flow needs

Reduce monthly payments by opting for a final lump sum – a balloon payment.

You have the freedom to choose between fixed and variable rates.

Option to own the asset at the end


Business Contract Hire

We supply a new vehicle for you to lease

Manage cash flow and budgets with fixed monthly rentals

We can source a new vehicle that fits your requirements

Option to upgrade to a brand new vehicle every 2-4 years

Finance solutions for all business sizes

Chattel Loan with Mortgage

Receive title straight away and use asset as security

Flexible funding with longer repayment periods available

Payment breaks may be available in the form of capital repayment holidays

Potential to draw down in instalments or as a lump sum

Tax deductions may be available on assets used for business


We purchase the asset then rent it to you

No large initial cash outlay and receive some of the resale value

Flexibility to spread payments over an agreed term

Once the finance is repaid you can continue to lease the asset for an annual rental payment

VAT and lease rental charges may be recoverable

Residual Value Lease

Rent items you need without the risks of ownership

No large initial cash outlays or costs on disposal

Rentals can be tailored to meet cash flow needs

Protected from risks associated with assets losing value

VAT and lease rental charges may be recoverable

Important considerations

  • Would you rather tie up capital in assets or have the flexibility of leasing
  • What would best suit your cash flow requirements?
  • What tax and VAT treatments would apply to your preferred finance option?
  • Do you need title of the asset straight away or can ownership be deferred.

Contact our team

To discuss asset finance solutions in more detail you can contact one of our sector experts who will be able to provide you a tailored finance package depending on your individual needs and business requirements.