Ultra Low Emission Zones and Clean Air Zones

Areas of the United Kingdom now have zones in an attempt to better air quality. Find out how you and your business are affected.

What is ULEZ?

  • An Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is an area where polluting vehicles who don’t meet defined emissions standards are charged a fee to enter.
  • This has been put in place to reduce the number of polluting vehicles entering an area to improve air quality.
  • Only vehicles that meet the required emissions standard will avoid charges and so your choice of vehicles will be important. There are a number of ULEZ operational across the UK, most notably in London. 
  • Diesel vehicles must comply with Euro 6 standards.
  • Petrol vehicles need only meet Euro 4 standards. 

As a result businesses in the capital will be affected, and as more cities follow suit, businesses across the UK.  It is crucial to ensure your business vehicle meets the new ULEZ standards, not only to preserve as much capital as possible, but also to improve air quality for everyone in busy cities.

London ULEZ 2021 Boundary Expansion Map

From 25th October 2021, the ULEZ expanded to cover most of Greater London, extending between the North (A406) and South (A205) Circular roads. The map shows the extended area:

Clean Air Zones (CAZs)

CAZs are not just in London, several have been proposed across the UK. Whether a vehicle is charged when entering or moving through a CAZ depends on the type of vehicle and the Euro standard of the vehicle. Electric vehicles are exempt from these charges.


Whilst some cities have strict measures being put in place, others are looking at implementing other initiatives. Find out if you are affected below.


Existing initiatives like the Low Emission Zone in Glasgow could be extending. Keep up to date with CAZs, find out if you are affected below.


Cardiff has ruled out a charging CAZ, but are looking into implementing various measures across the city to reduce emissions, find out how you are affected below.

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