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Are electric vehicles right for your business?

Benefits of switching

With Electric vehicles (EVs) you could save on fuel costs and lower your carbon emissions. But there are practical questions to consider. 

Here we lay out the benefits, but also the common concerns.  

Cheaper fuel

While often more expensive to buy, EVs can be cheaper to fuel. According to the Energy Saving Trust, Driving 220 miles in a petrol or diesel car will cost around three or four times more than the cost of charging an electric car.

Cheaper to maintain

With fewer mechanical parts than petrol/diesel vehicles, EVs generally cost less to service and maintain.  

Save on tax & charges

Zero emission electric vehicles* come with a range of tax reliefs, like being exempt from congestion charges and Vehicle Excise Duty until 2025.**  

Options for Charging

With grants available to help businesses invest in chargers and increasing numbers of public chargers available, charging doesn’t have to be a barrier.

Good for the planet, good for business, good for communities

By reducing carbon emissions and helping the planet, you’re making a positive statement about your business which will be seen by customers and investors.

Practical considerations

How far you can travel before having to recharge?

A full battery charge lasts on average for around 200-250 miles.  And almost all UK motorway service stations have rapid charge points, with which most EVs can reach 80% charge in around 30 minutes. 

That said, if you take long journeys regularly or transport heavy goods, vehicle range may be a concern. You could also explore hybrid or more energy efficient conventional vehicles. 

How easy and affordable are they to charge?

The rapid charge points found in service stations are the quickest way of recharging, but they’re not the cheapest. Home or workplace charge points are cheaper and more convenient. 

The good news is there are government grants that could help your business save on installation. At Lombard, we’ve also partnered with Octopus Energy to offer discounted charge point solutions. 

Ways we can help

Octopus Energy

We’re partnered with Octopus energy to offer your business bespoke charging solutions, access to new green energy tariffs, smart meters and more.

All of the above are provided by Octopus Energy. Offer applies to all customers within United Kingdom, regional exclusions apply.

Finance for electric vehicles

Ready to make the switch, but need the finance? Our Lombard experts could help you decide on the funding solution that works for you.

Security may be required. Product fees may apply. Subject to status, business use only.

EV Readiness Assessment

Lombard is working with Diode, a UK-based technology company, to pilot an EV Readiness Assessment offering.
It could help support your business to become more sustainable whilst also helping you to identify potential cost savings.

Carbon Planner - track your impact

Use our free Carbon Planner app to measure your carbon footprint, find potential savings, and a get a tailored plan for reducing emissions. 

Take steps to cut carbon and costs at the same time. 

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