Residual Value Lease

Reduce your carbon footprint by leasing green energy equipment

What we offer as your Residual Value Lease rental provider


  • Experience in the sector – With extensive knowledge of Residual Value Lease agreements, our team is ready to help with your agricultural venture.
  • Flexible repayments – We set the residual value of the asset at the start of your agreement. This could lower the monthly rates you pay when compared to other financing solutions.
  • Giving you interest choices – You could choose fixed or variable interest to suit your needs.

  • Two end of term arrangements – At the end of your Residual Value Lease commitment, return the asset for resale or lease it again.

Customers need to insure and maintain the asset. Contact us or see your contract terms for more details.

Green energy Residual Value Lease with Lombard

Our Operating Lease could be the perfect solution for businesses that want to switch to green energy using solar power, and those who want to invest in energy efficient equipment like LED bulbs. If you pick an Residual Value Lease, we could provide you with the necessary assets, but remain legal owners and therefore freeing you from risks like market depreciation and disposal.

The value of the assets are not based on the asset’s full life-cycle value, and it is set from the start of your agreement, meaning your repayments will be cheaper. When your agreement is close to finishing, you can choose to either return the asset to us for resale or extend your Residual Value Lease at a reduced price.

Is the renewable energy Residual Value Lease right for me?

This finance option could be ideal for those planning an investment in renewables for their business. The benefits of green energy like cost efficiency, or the advantages of solar power like selling electricity back to the National Grid, are a premise for some to fund renewable energy equipment. An Residual Value Lease could be a great asset finance option for those who do not want the risks associated with ownership burdening their cash flow.

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