London ULEZ

How the Ultra Low Emission Zone will affect businesses

What is ULEZ?

The Ultra Low Emission Zone is a fee charged to the most polluting vehicles in Central London within the specified area. The scheme is designed to improve London’s air quality, which means only vehicles that meet the latest emissions standards will avoid the charges.

Diesel vehicles must comply with Euro 6 standards while petrol vehicles need only meet Euro 4 standards. As a result businesses in the capital will be affected, and as more cities follow suit, businesses across the UK.

What effect will ULEZ have on businesses?

To improve the air quality within the capital, London’s ULEZ is expanding, from the 25th of October 2021, London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone will extend to the North and South Circular roads, resulting in stricter emission standards for a wider area of the city.

In 2021 the ULEZ in London will expand

Have a look at the infographic to see where in 2021 the Ultra Low Emission Zone will be expanding in London.

Commercial vehicle energy consumption

96.2% of vans on the road are still powered by diesel. In London alone, the energy consumption for diesel light commercial vehicles (LCV) is 27 times higher than for petrol LCVs.

The ‘Secondary Greenbelt’ for LCV emissions

To turn London LCV CO₂ emissions into oxygen, we would need to have 39 million trees in the city. This would equal to almost five times the area that trees currently cover, surrounding the city as a Secondary Greenbelt.

The cost of ULEZ

Many businesses operating in London still use non-ULEZ compliant vehicles to operate daily. Certain boroughs where these businesses operate, will now have portions cut-off, or they will be divided in half by the North and South Circular zone boundary.

Which London borough LCV owners will be impacted the most?

Have a look at the infographic to see which London boroughs LCV owners will be impacted the most.

Ultra Low Emission Zone 2021 Expansion

From October 25th 2021, ULEZ will be expanded to cover most of Greater London, extending between the North and South Circular roads.

Find out more about the new boundaries, times and charges below.

Find out more about ULEZ and the new standards

Read below for more information on whether your vehicle is ULEZ compliant, which vehicles are exempt and how to pay ULEZ.

Is your business vehicle ULEZ compliant?

Find out whether your vehicle meets upcoming emission standards for the Ultra Low Emission Zone.

ULEZ exempt vehicles

Some vehicles are exempt from ULEZ charges despite not meeting emissions standards.

Protect your business and the health of others

It is crucial to ensure your business vehicle meets the new ULEZ standards, not only to preserve as much capital as possible, but also to improve air quality for everyone in busy cities.

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