Driver attitudes survey

Turning White Vans Green

Turning White Vans Green survey

Across all business sectors in the UK, the switch to zero emissions vehicles  is gaining motion. With infrastructure quickly evolving to accommodate a rise in demand, electric vehicles and hybrids are becoming a common sight on our streets, displaying how the environmental attitudes of the UK public and businesses are changing. There is however, a demographic that is often overlooked and seen through negative stereotypes.

We wanted to challenge this by gauging what the nation’s heroes have to say on the topic of going green – the van drivers. The sole traders and small business owners, who are often mislabelled as not caring about the environment. To do this, we asked 500 UK van drivers about their day-to-day, their environmental concerns and their attitude towards electric vehicles.

Breaking through the 'white van man' stereotypes

Almost 4 in 5 UK van drivers consider themselves to be someone who cares for the environment. 1 in 3 also think about their van’s impact on the environment, disproving the commonly accepted stereotypes. Our survey uncovers more little known truths about UK van drivers:

4 in 10 UK van drivers polled were female

38% of participants in our survey were female – breaking the “man with a van” stereotype.

31% of UK van drivers are vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian

1 in 3 participants say they try to reduce their consumption of meat, or do not eat meat at all, whilst 47% say they actively try to reduce food waste.

53% feel it’s vital for everyone to be environmentally focused

4 in 10 say they mend things before throwing them out, whilst 53% say they recycle what they can.

40% of participants say they will consider an electric van when they next look to replace their work vehicle

Often labelled as not caring about nature and the environment because of their diesel vehicles, UK van drivers care more about environmental issues than people assume. 1 in 5 participants even go as far as to say that they feel guilty because of driving a polluting vehicle. Not only do zero emission vehicles help in reducing carbon footprints, but they also bring many financial benefits to businesses. Switching to electric vans means reduced fuel costs, tax breaks and incentives, and government grants to help with purchasing – but, not all UK van drivers are aware of the support available

38% are not aware of financial benefits to owning electric vans

The introduction of stricter emission zones has also seen the government introduce various support schemes for businesses to make the switch. As 58% of participants in our survey say a grant would entice them to switch to electric, we want to spread awareness of these benefits.

Just 1 in 5 say their van is compliant with the latest emissions zone standards

Meeting stricter Euro emissions standards is becoming a requirement for entering Clean Air Zones, Low Emission Zones and Ultra Low Emission Zones  across the UK. Find out what emission standards are met by your work van.

What are the barriers faced by van drivers when wanting to switch to electric?

We wanted to find out what some of the hurdles faced by van owners might be, and what their worries are when it comes to switching to an electric van.

47% worry there is not enough EV charging infrastructure

Almost half of the participants say they think there might not be enough charging points, but with hundreds of chargers being installed every month, this issue is slowly fading into the past.

43% worry about electric van ranges

Although range is an issue for some, with 65% of survey participants driving between 1 to 50 miles daily, an average electric van’s full charge can give ranges upwards of 100 miles

47% also think the initial electric van cost is too high

Nearly half of UK van drivers surveyed also say that the cost of electric vans is a barrier. With government grants and tax breaks, electric vehicles could be the cheaper option.

"I can only afford around £4,000 for a van, which basically is much older models. I would love to drive an electric van or hybrid van, but only the newer ones are electric/hybrid and they cost much more. I hope that as those costs come down over the next 10 years my van (and my car) will both be solely electric."                                     - Survey participant

How Lombard could help you make the switch to EV vans

Our flexible and sustainable finance options could make switching to electric vans and building charging infrastructure for your business easier. If you run several vans our fleet experts could assist in planning how to move your vehicles over to electric.

Hire Purchase

Spread the cost of your vehicle purchase over a longer period with fixed regular payments

We offer flexibility on the cost of your deposit, regular monthly payments and the final lump sum. 

Contract Hire

Flexible finance solutions for small businesses up to large corporate fleets

Avoid the risks associated with vehicle ownership such as maintenance costs and depreciation.

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