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Finance is only available for business purposes.

How we could help finance your aircraft

Our aviation experts are here to find the plan that suits your needs and circumstances. We could agree a credit limit in principle to help you choose an aircraft with confidence, or give you a quote if you've already decided what to buy.


Fixed rate mortgage

Enjoy fixed monthly payments for the entire period of a fixed length agreement, with no fluctuation or changes in repayment fees.

Balanced payment plan

Our balanced payment plan is linked to the base rate and gives you fixed monthly payments for the entire length of the agreement. Available in sterling, dollars and euros, you could stay protected from fluctuating exchange rates. Changes in interest rates may alter the duration of an agreement.


Variable rate mortgage

Linked to a variety of base rates, this flexible payment plan lets you repay lump sums at any stage without incurring penalties. These are credited to your account on the same day so daily interest charges are immediately based on the lower balance. As interest rates fluctuate, repayments can go up and down.

Personalised packages

Taking into account the amount you want to borrow, we can consider structured repayment mortgages tailored to match individual requirements – to match seasonal cash flow or as a balloon payment, for example.

Summary of terms
  • Aircraft age – corporate jets must be less than 20 years old at the end of the agreement and on engine programmes. Helicopters and general aviation aircraft must be less than 30 years old at the end of the agreement.
  • Maximum term – ten years (depending on age of aircraft).
  • Maximum loan to value – 80% of market value.
  • Interest rate – dependent on individual circumstances.
  • Currency – sterling, US dollars and euros.
  • Registrations – cater for aircraft with G registrations (UK), N registrations (USA) and M registrations (Isle of Man). Other jurisdictions considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Arrangement fee – typically 1% of amount financed.
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