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Finance lease

Flexible finance to suit your business needs and budgets

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Security may be required. Product fees may apply. 

Finance is only available for business purposes.

What is a Finance Lease?

With this type of lease, we purchase the asset then rent it to you for an inital fee followed by tailored monthly payments over an agreed amount of time. When the lease term is over, you don't own the asset – but we'll give you a portion of the resale value.

Customers may be responsible for any maintenance or repairs due on their asset. Contact us or see your contract terms for more details. 

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Flexible repayments

We’ll work with you to create a payment plan tailored to your business and cash flow needs

Flexible end of term options

Return the asset to us for resale, sell it to a third party on our behalf, or lease the asset again.

Tax & Capital allowance benefit

Only pay VAT on lease payments. Plus, capital allowances may allow you to offset some costs associated with a piece of equipment from your taxable profits.

Get a portion of the resale value

At the end of the term, we'll give you a fixed percentage of the proceeds from the resale.

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