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Operating lease

Enjoy the use of an asset without the risk of future value losses

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Security may be required. Product fees may apply. 

Finance is only available for business purposes.

Why choose an operating lease with us?

With an operating lease, we retain ownership of the asset and you pay a fixed monthly rental to use it. This lets you acquire high value or specialist equipment without taking on the risk of it losing value.

Protect investment

With operating lease, you're protected from the risk of an asset losing value.

Flexible lease terms

Choose a fixed interest rate and tailor your payments to match your seasonal cash flow.

Improved cash flow

We fix a residual value for the asset, which will determine your monthly payments.

Spread out VAT payments

The asset could be off your balance sheet so you may be able to offset payments against taxable profits (special rules apply). You can also usually reclaim VAT on the asset.

Customers need to insure and maintain the asset. We can not say for definite whether a particular tax treatment will definitely apply. Contact us or see your contract terms for more details.

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