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Operating lease

For high-value, specialist equipment

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Security may be required. Product fees may apply. 

Finance is only available for business purposes.

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This type of lease lets you rent the item your business needs, without the worry or risks that come with ownership. As you're not paying for the item in full, your monthly payments will be lower. 

Why choose an operating lease?

An operating lease lets you acquire high value or specialist equipment without the risk of it losing value or having the inconvenience of disposing of it. 

Rental of the asset will not be for its full useful economic life, meaning that it has a residual value at the end of this period. This will be estimated at the outset of the contract and the rentals you pay are priced according to the asset’s anticipated future value.

Reduced risk

With operating lease, you're protected from the risk of an asset losing value.

Flexible lease terms

Choose a fixed interest rate and tailor your payments to match your incoming revenue.

Lower monthly repayments

The residual value of the asset is fixed from the outset; this will usually reduce your monthly payments in comparison to other financing solutions.

End of term options

With 2  options to choose from at the end of the lease, you get increased flexibility in how you manage your assets. You can return the asset to us for sale or re-hire the asset.

Customers need to insure and maintain the asset. We can not say for definite whether a particular tax treatment will definitely apply. Contact us or see your contract terms for more details.

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