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Sale and leaseback

Free up cash locked in assets with fixed monthly payments

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Security may be required. Product fees may apply. 

Finance is only available for business purposes.

Why choose sale and leaseback?

Sale and leaseback transfers ownership of your existing assets from the owner to Lombard. You then continue to use the assets, effectively leasing them from us for a monthly fee.

Using this process frees up cash for your business – and could help you more effectively measure the cost of buying, financing, maintaining and disposing of your assets.

Boost cash flow

When you sell your asset to us, the money goes straight into your cash reserves – ready for you to spend.

Easier budgeting

Leasing your pre owned asset from us will fix your monthly payments, helping you plan your finances.

Upgrade potential

At the end of the agreement you'll have the opportunity to upgrade to new assets through contract hire.

Customers may be responsible for any maintenance or repairs due on their asset. Contact us or see your contract terms for more details.

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