Climate and Sustainable Assets

Worried about rising energy costs?

1 - Identify savings and actions 

Understand your usage and find ways to save with Perse

We've partnered with Perse to identify solutions that can help you to reduce costs and carbon in your business. Perse will provide tailored recommendations to get you on your reduction journey with a range of options including free things that could save you £1000s.

2 - Explore and install solar

Get estimates of solar savings and installation costs

To help you with this, we've partnered with D-CAT. Their technology captures the solar potential of your sites remotely and gives you an estimate of savings and return on investment. With a report, paid for by NatWest, typically returned to you within 60 seconds for the average UK business, you'll quickly get a view of your options.

3 - Reduce costs with Voltage Optimisation

Check whether the technology can help you save

Emissis, a new Lombard partner, manufactures and installs Voltage Optimisation (VO) technology that could help businesses reduce costs and emissions. A lot of us pay for energy we don’t need. Most electrical devices work best at 220 volts, but the National Grid supplies 242 volts on average to all users. For some appliances, those extra volts are wasted – and may cost us money. VO technology adjusts the incoming voltage so that you could pay less for what you use.

Interested? You can get a free site survey from Emissis, who guarantee any potential voltage reduction specified in your energy savings quote. You’ll also get a 10% discount on VO hardware if you click below. 

Partnerships for your sustainability

Together with our trusted UK partners, we recommend these solutions designed to help cut costs and manage carbon footprint.


Perse have saved customers over £1 million and 4,000 tonnes of CO2 via free and instantly personalised recommendations from your energy data (address only required).

Ranging from optimising energy procurement, easy tweaks to your everyday operations; plus, identifying which low carbon technologies will work for you.


D-CAT are experts in using satellite technology to help people make better decisions for the climate. They have deployed their technologies around the world, and are now supporting UK businesses to explore their renewable energy generation potential.


Emissis is a leading provider of voltage optimisation hardware with more than 20 years’ experience helping businesses cut their energy use and carbon emissions. It’s worked with more than 140 businesses in the last year, lowering average energy consumption by 7.3%. In total, that's:

  • £13,175,000 in reduced energy spend
  • and almost 10,000 tonnes of CO2 saved.


Absolar have over 10 years of experience in delivering renewable energy services ranging from assessments, consultancy, to design and installations.

Absolar have surveyed over 35,000 commercial buildings across the UK and helped businesses to reduce energy costs and carbon footprint.

Funding your sustainable transition

Investments can be costly. We're here to help.

Fund your climate and sustainable assets

Our asset financing business Lombard, part of NatWest Group, is here to support the transition to a low carbon economy through funding climate and sustainable Assets. This funding could give your business the support it needs to invest in sustainable assets which could include solar panels, batteries, EV charging and vehicles, wind turbines and LED lighting.