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Wholesale Finance

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Why use Wholesale Finance?

Stocking finance is a Wholesale Finance facility for stock or finished goods. We provide an on-demand credit facility secured against individual units of stock, providing flexibility that reflects the seasonal natures of the industries we serve.

Available for independent dealers as well as manufacturers and their dealer network, we're able to provide funding for a range of asset types. Our customers benefit from a dedicated Relationship Manager who is a specialist in their industry, as well as daily support from our dedicated unit stocking operations team.


Standalone stocking facilities allow you to negotiate a better return on your retail finance package.


Annually renewable, on-demand facility tailored to your industry to unlock vital cash flow when you need it.


Our specialist software provider ensures ease of use, enhanced visibility and control – trace stock unit by unit and match to individual assets.


Automated facilities that generate regular payments for finished goods and fund stock directly from dealer management systems.

Who can we help?

We service the top 200 UK car and van dealer groups as well as funding specialist asset stocking across a range of industries, including caravan, motorhome, holiday home, agriculture, recycling & groundscare. As part of our finance package, we'll provide you with a dedicated industry specialist relationship manager and a support team for in-life management.

Car and van dealerships

We've been leading providers of auto stocking finance since 2004. Our portfolio has expanded to include OEMs in the UK and Europe, providing new and demo vehicle wholesale funding worth in excess of around £1.5 billion.

Specialist asset dealers

We have extensive experience providing unit stocking finance across a wide range of industries. From motor homes, touring caravans and mobile holiday homes to agriculture and groundscare equipment, recycling and lifting equipment. 

Vehicle manufacturers

Our stock finance unlocks capital from your finished goods inventory and provides liquidity throughout the supply chain. Remove risk by transferring the management of stock finance to us – so you can focus on your business.

Our Pan-European reach

Established in 2014, the European wholesale division was formed specifically to provide wholesale funding to OEM’s across Europe.

Our mandate extends to the 28 EEA countries and allows the OEM to consolidate wholesale funding across multiple jurisdictions with a uniform solution.

Funding is provided via our online, automated platform and can be supplied in local currencies to provide a natural FX hedge.  Facilities are approved at country level leaving the OEM to maintain control and flexibility of individual dealer facilities.

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If you would like to find out more about vehicle manufacturing funding, please call or email Tom Smith on 07557 255 517,  thomas.smith@lombard.co.uk.

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