Running a limited company: a director’s responsibilities

If you are about to start a limited company, you will need to become a director or appoint one. Every limited company must have at least one director.

There are certain criteria for a person to be a director e.g., a director must be aged 16 or above.

The hub explains that as a director, your responsibilities include:

  • Keeping company records and reporting certain changes to the company when they happen to Companies House and HMRC
  • Filing your company’s annual accounts
  • Sending a confirmation statement every year to Companies House
  • Paying Corporation Tax and VAT (if registered), PAYE and National Insurance contributions due on time

The hub can be accessed here: UK Director Information Hub.

Acting responsibly

Once you become the director of a limited company, there is plenty of support and guidance available from the government, professional bodies, and the private sector. It’s worth noting though that not all that advice is free.

As your company grows the help you will need may also change, depending on the stage the business is at.

A director of a limited company has significant responsibilities at all those stages and it’s important to understand and follow the relevant rules in the Companies Act 2006.

The consequences of not operating responsibly can involve legal action and fines.  If you fail to meet your legal responsibilities as a director, you could be disqualified.

Facing insolvency

It’s especially important for directors to know how to act and what their responsibilities are, in the event of potential or actual insolvency.

If you are a director and your company becomes insolvent, you still have duties and responsibilities. Examples of the kind of advice available on the information hub include: 

  • Responsibilities for directors of insolvent companies
  • How to recognise early warning signs of financial distress and what steps could be taken to reduce the risk of insolvency
  • How and when a director could be personally liable for company debts


Donna Smith, NatWest Group Director – Restructuring, has been working with the team responsible for the hub, along with other stakeholders, to help deliver a single online hub to host clear and concise guidance for directors, with signposts to more detailed guidance and support where needed.

Donna says: “Directors have legal responsibilities, so it’s really important that all directors understand what they are and how they can change throughout a business’s lifecycle. Getting the right information and advice is crucial, particularly in times of stress.

"The hub is an essential tool for directors of today & tomorrow to set themselves up for success and to keep them succeeding.”

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