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Proud to Be: Lydia Ofori, founder of Hunter Labs Tech

Lydia Ofori, founder and CEO of Hunter Labs Tech, tells us about how technology makes her start-up investment platform more accessible and how she’s accelerating growth.

Tell us about your business and what it does.

“We formally registered Hunter Labs in February 2020, just before the first lockdown, which was a blessing and a curse. You couldn’t raise funds because people were worried about their health and the future. Nobody knew what the end game looked like. 

“But it allowed us to sit down and home in on the problems we wanted to resolve with our unique AI [artificial intelligence] technology, which is our key differentiator. We use aggregated data to simplify the investment process and help individuals focus. And performance measurement for the total portfolio from all platforms, so it’s all in one place, which saves investors time and energy.

“Financial education is very important to us – we have tutorials to help people understand the fundamentals and the basics. We are democratising investing and expediting capital formation.” 

What Motivated You To Start?

“As an analyst, it might have taken me three or four weeks to go through large amounts of data and analyse it, to get an idea of where to start looking for opportunities. Technology is now at a place where you can execute it and apply it in a way that makes sense. Our sentiment-driven AI technology makes execution of ideas quicker, more effective, and efficient.

Although I’ve got investment industry experience, building a start-up is a different mindset. It’s about relearning – seeing all the different angles to a problem

Lydia Ofori
founder and CEO, Hunter Labs Tech

“I really want to help and support individuals to do better in the investment ecosystem – there’s no reason why it cannot be done. We’ve got the industry insight and perspective; I’ve got my CFA [Chartered Financial Analyst] and CAIA [Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst] certifications and years of investment experience. 

“If I can be an inspiration to other younger people that are coming through – women and people from diverse communities – that’s an important role. If a young person from a different background sees me leading a technology business, they might feel inspired and encouraged to have different aspirations.”

What have been the key challenges and opportunities so far?

“Finding experienced, local engineers to support what we’re doing is a challenge. We’re not a Silicon Valley environment yet in the UK. Most skilled engineers are well compensated in institutions around the world. Why leave my comfortable position to come and join a start-up? Hiring is a slow process.

“The advancement of technology and AI is a fascinating opportunity. You have sentiment-aligned investment opportunities and by using algorithms you can clearly see what kind of stocks you should be looking at; do some analysis yourself to see what aligns with your interests and risk appetite –then draft a portfolio. We are making all these activities accessible.”

Why are you proud to be a Black business owner?

“I am proud to be a role model for young people. The world has changed, people are thinking about things differently. Young people are our future and I hope I can inspire others.

“I am proud to be part of the NatWest Accelerator scheme, which has plugged me into a community of founders and challenged me to think differently. Although I’ve got investment industry experience, building a start-up is a different mindset. It’s about relearning – seeing all the different angles to a problem. Having that support alongside us is very important in helping us to prepare.”

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