Many UK businesses want to reduce their carbon emissions and tap into the potential business growth that could result from being part of a sustainable supply chain - but they find emissions reporting a challenge. 

Our free toolkit, developed in partnership with carbon-management experts Cogo, might be able to help.

We joined forces with Cogo with a mission to support small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in their pivotal role in the UK’s decarbonisation journey.

The result is an easy-to-use guide that provides information on how businesses might measure, understand, and reduce their carbon consumption. Businesses that begin carbon reduction journeys could experience potential costs savings too.

What our toolkit offers

  • Benefits for SMEs engaging in carbon management 
  • Help with creating an emissions inventory
  • Support in setting targets and making public commitments 
  • Guides to making action plans that could help achieve targets 
  • Tips on evaluating progress and certification

Powering a more sustainable supply chain

Get started with climate-related supply chain reporting today.

Is it for me?

The toolkit is primarily for SMEs looking for support in managing their carbon footprints and could improve confidence when making a start. Larger businesses may also find the toolkit helpful in understanding the requirements placed upon their suppliers. This information may be passed along to partners, improving the sustainability of supply chains overall.

Why do I need it?

Enterprise and public sector businesses are under increased scrutiny from the public, shareholders and government bodies to measure their environmental impact, and they are passing those needs down to their suppliers. As a result, SMEs are increasingly expected to take responsibility for their carbon footprints. In some cases, managing emissions might also help SMEs save money, retain staff, and provide improved access to contracts and tenders.

How does it work?

The toolkit guides you through the process of setting up an emissions inventory, which could show you how much carbon you’re currently using. It also walks you through setting up reduction goals, gives guidance on how to reach them, then gives tips on how to certify your achievements.

Carbon Planner

If you’d like help to track, and potentially reduce your carbon footprint, additional help is available using the NatWest free Carbon Planner tool. 

The NatWest Carbon Planner is available online to all UK businesses and is not limited to NatWest customers. While any UK business can use the tool, businesses will get the most from the NatWest  Carbon Planner if they: 

  •  Have an annual turnover of above £2m
  • Can access it on a desktop computer
  • Are interested in taking action to reduce their carbon emissions


 If you’d like to discuss your climate plans with a member of our team, please email: carbonplanner@natwest.com

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