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Changes in their aircrete pack size format meant H+H needed to replace their existing UK forklift truck fleet across three UK manufacturing sites



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About H + H

A well-known name in the construction industry, H+H has a substantial share of the UK market and supplies many of the country’s leading house builders. It has 13 factories spread across Europe and Russia, which between them produce somewhere in the region of three million cubic metres per year. Three of these factories are in the UK.


What did they want to achieve?

The residential construction industry has undergone a sustained period of growth over the past half-decade and the Government’s target for new homes is set at 300,000 per year.

To increase output, H+H undertook a major overhaul of its Borough Green site in Kent and installed a new production line. It changed the aircrete pack size format in order to optimise production, which meant they also had to change the size of the forklift trucks they use..


How we helped

The Lombard team proposed a solution that de-coupled the purchase of the forklifts from their maintenance and service, saving H+H more than £100,000 over the term. A total credit line of £4m provides scope for additional investment in future should H+H require it.


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"We talked to several providers and chose Lombard because their deal was priced most appropriate to our financial situation."

Spencer Nye
Finance Director, H+H UK Ltd.


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