Case studies

How asset finance has helped our customers realise their ambitions

Virtual Aviation

Lombard provided the finance to enable the purchase of a B737 flight simulator


About Virtual Aviation

Virtual Aviation is an EASA Approved Training Organisation (ATO), authorised by the CAA to provide simulator and classroom-based pilot training.

What did they want to achieve?

They were seeking asset finance to help them acquire a B737 flight simulator to expand their pilot training offering.

How did we help

Following detailed examination of the asset type and the business plan, and with input from our risk assessment team, we provided the finance to enable the purchase of the simulator and its associated software license. We also provided a pre-approved credit line for the acquisition of a second simulator, an A320.

"Lombard put time and effort in to understand this asset type; they were fast, flexible – and came up with a fantastic deal." James Stevenson Founder, Virtual Aviation Ltd

Delta Marine

Refinancing helps established UK workboat operator conquer the waves.

About Delta Marine

Delta Marine are a UK workboat operator that has a fleet of six multi-purpose vessels that offer the superior towage, anchor handling and manoeuvring capabilities needed by the renewables, oil and gas, fisheries and salvage industries.

What did they want to achieve?

Faced with more workboat operators chasing a reduced supply of work, they realised tot progress they needed to do something innovative. They wanted to design, specify and commission a state-of-the-art DP2 vessel, the Voe Vanguard.

How we helped

In an era that has seen a decline in traditional ship finance and a lack of provision from regional banks, getting the finance to bring Voe Vanguard into being was not all plain sailing. In order to generate working capital for the deposit Lombard offered the new specialist commercial marine finance solution and through the provision of a £4.5m loan facility secured four of Delta Marine’s existing vessels structured against their usable lives. The loan, spread over a five-year term, would enable Delta Marine to provide the remaining deposit for the new vessel. 

“Lombard’s sector knowledge and flexible approach, combined with the Royal Bank of Scotland local presence made it a really positive move.” 

Bob Spanswick

MD, Delta Marine Ltd

H + H

Changes in their aircrete pack size format meant H+H needed to replace their existing UK forklift truck fleet across three UK manufacturing sites


About H + H

A well-known name in the construction industry, H+H has a substantial share of the UK market and supplies many of the country’s leading house builders. It has 13 factories spread across Europe and Russia, which between them produce somewhere in the region of three million cubic metres per year. Three of these factories are in the UK.

What did they want to achieve?

The residential construction industry has undergone a sustained period of growth over the past half-decade and the Government’s target for new homes is set at 300,000 per year.

To increase output, H+H undertook a major overhaul of its Borough Green site in Kent and installed a new production line. It changed the aircrete pack size format in order to optimise production, which meant they also had to change the size of the forklift trucks they use..

How we helped

The Lombard team proposed a solution that de-coupled the purchase of the forklifts from their maintenance and service, saving H+H more than £100,000 over the term. A total credit line of £4m provides scope for additional investment in future should H+H require it.

"We talked to several providers and chose Lombard because their deal was priced most appropriate to our financial situation." Spencer Nye Finance Director, H+H UK Ltd.

BV Dairy

Forward thinking dairy gets set to double production capabilities


About BV Dairy

For nearly 60 years, this Dorset-based business has been supplying premium dairy products to manufacturers, caterers and food retailers nationwide. Having begun by producing traditional clotted cream, today their extensive product range encompasses soft cheeses, crème fraiche, buttermilk and several types of yogurt.

The company, run by the third generation of the Highnam family, has a strong relationship with the local farming community. All the milk it uses is sourced from Red Tractor accredited farms within a 25-mile radius.

What did they want to achieve?

BV Dairy research showed an increasing appetite for cultured drinking products and they wanted to expand into contract packaging. As a family-owned business they took a long term view and were prepared to invest in the future not just the present as that would be added value for their customers.

The new chill store and bottling plant would be a significant investment but part of a bigger plan – the construction of a completely automated, energy efficient process plant to facilitate continued expansion.

How we helped

BV Dairy selected us as their capex partner through a competitive tender process. We arranged a £1.1m credit line, which to date they have drawn against for investment in Solar PV panels and a new bottling plant.

Over the next 20 years, the solar panel investment is expected to generate £444,000 profit for the business through payments from the government’s Feed-in Tariff.

  • The new bottling line has enabled them to secure their first contract packaging customer in the cultured milk drink sector. Asset finance has also been agreed for the acquisition of six new blast chillers.


"Lombard are fantastically responsive and supportive of our plans. And it’s great to know that they – and the finance – are there when we need them."

Vaughan Heard

FinancialDirector, BV Dairy

Lucchini Unipart Rail Ltd

The vertically integrated supply chain rail manufacturing  company was  able to support their growth ambitions by acquiring a second lathe, this time with a robotic arm,  through a lease agreement with Lombard once all the formalities were completed promptly with the help of the Lombard team. 

About Lucchini Unipart Rail

Lucchini Unipart Rail Ltd (LUR) is a joint venture created in 2015 by Lucchini RS Group of Italy and Unipart Rail Ltd. The business combined train wheel and axle machining, and wheelset and gearbox overhaul capabilities in Manchester (formerly known as Lucchini UK Ltd), with the bogie overhaul and wheelset activities of Unipart Rail Ltd in Doncaster.

What did they want to achieve

Two years ago, LUR invested in a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) vertical turning lathe at its Manchester production site. They were keen to expand their automated capabilities, and sought asset finance to fund the acquisition of a second Sirmu CNC lathe and an integrated robotic arm. The combined cost of the second CNC machine and robotic arm was £1.4million and it made sense to them to spread the cost over time.

How we helped

Relationship managers Andrew Dunn and Liz Flynn from Lombard understood Lucchini’s ambitions and requirements and supported them in undergoing all the regulatory steps involved in the KYC (Know Your Customer) process and Anti-Money Laundering checks required for on boarding a new relationship. This level of assistance helped Lucchini with the acquisition of CNC Lathe and integrated robotics arm via Lombard’s asset finance facility which was arranged through a five year lease agreement. 

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